6 week group course ‘Sacred Rhythms’ in March to April 2019

6 week group course 'Sacred Rhythms' in March to April 2019

6 week group course ‘Sacred Rhythms’ in March to April 2019


Group course

6 week group course 'Sacred Rhythms' in March to April 2019


Vicki Paulin commenced the Saturday morning group called ‘Sacred Rhythms’ by Ruth Hayley Barton on March 9th. This course is designed to help you arrange your life around a regular pattern of spiritual practices that God can use to nourish your soul and deepen your relationship with Him.

The course consists of video teaching and spiritual guidance on specific practices followed by some experience of the discipline and group discussion. A workbook provides additional practice exercises to try during the week.

Group course ‘Sacred Rhythms’ – details:

The course will continue until 13th April 2019 (10am-12 midday). New participants are still welcome to join. Here is the link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a0WNnz70aU) to the first DVD teaching used in session one of the course. New participants are invited to view this if possible, prior to joining the ICL group. The title is “Sacred Rhythms group Bible Study” by Ruth Hayley Barton. It is on You Tube and lasts 22.51 minutes.
The course is held in the ICL coffee room with an alternative venue arranged for April 6th.


Individual Spiritual Accompaniment

Over the next months Vicki is available to be a listening spiritual companion. This is for anyone who would like to grow in intimacy with God by paying attention and responding to the Holy Spirit’s personal communication with him or her. Vicki is offering up to 3 sessions of one hour as a trial during an agreed one month time frame. These are private and confidential. Afterwards, the sessions can continue on a monthly basis if it is helpful but there is no obligation to continue.

There is no charge for either of the above.
For further information e mail Vicki Paulin: hvpaulin@gmail.com

More about Individual Spiritual Accompaniment
Spiritual accompaniment (or spiritual direction), is usually a one-to one relationship where prayer and conversation are directed towards becoming closer to God. This is not something new but an ancient ministry that goes back to the earliest days of the church. A spiritual companion (or director) accompanies others who, like themselves, are committed to the process of spiritual transformation in Christ. They seek to help others discern the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus as the one true Spiritual Director. Individual sessions usually last an hour. Conversation is slow and often there are times of silence to help the person pay attention and respond to God’s personal communication with them. A spiritual director guards secrets and seeks to be non-judgemental. Spiritual Direction is Spirit centred rather than problem centred, so although there is some overlap with counselling or pastoral care, it is different. The only requirement for a person to enter spiritual direction is that they have a desire to draw closer to God.
Based on definitions from ‘Sacred Companions, the gift of spiritual friendship and direction’ by David G. Benner.


About Vicki Paulin
Vicki is a New Zealander who has worked in the past as a dietitian and professional supervisor and trainer for health professionals. She is married to Max and they have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Vicki has been a Christian for over 40 years and lived in many countries. She has been a member of ICL for over 4 years.
Beginning in 2015, she commenced 2 years of training with the School of Sustainable Faith (http://www.sustainablefaith.com/school-spiritualdirection) to become a Spiritual Director. The training took place in Lucerne and Amsterdam. She completed the block courses, assignments and supervised practice requirements to qualify in 2017.
Since then, Vicki has continued to offer both one time or regular monthly individual spiritual direction and also some group sessions. She meets monthly with her own spiritual director and takes part in bimonthly supervision of her practice with a group of similarly qualified colleagues.
Vicki is committed to helping others notice and nurture the work of God in their own lives, in the life of others and in the world around them.